Three BIG Reasons to Call Your Home Lender NOW

The housing market has been very good to the modern-day home buyer. Interest rates have remained at a record low but like with all good things these great low rates are coming to an end. With the year 2021 almost over these interest rates are on the rise. And the window for this financial opportunity is starting to close for today’s homeowners and first-time buyers. If you haven’t called your home lender by now to discuss your chances at lowering your mortgage rate(s) you should! And here are three BIG reasons why.

You Could Save BIG Money

Saving money is on the top of everyone’s list. But have you ever considered just how much a refinance on your current home loan could save you every month? Well, with the current low rates, refinancing your mortgage could save you a rather nice chunk of change. Even more than the kind of savings your parents got on their home loans in the past. With interest rates at a record low this past year, there’s never been a better opportunity for today’s homeowners to use their home loans as an outlet to save some serious cash.

We’re talking anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, folks. Money that could be going towards another important investment in your life. Like that vacation you’ve been wanting to take, those medical expenses you need to cover, or the kid’s college funds. A much better way to invest those funds, don’t ya think? I mean, that extra money can really add up over the lifespan of a fifteen-to-thirty-year loan. You could very well have an even better retirement plan in your future with the money reinvested or saved from your refinance.

About that refinance…

There’s No Better Time to Refinance

If you are a current homeowner and you feel that procrastinating on this financial opportunity is a good idea, think again. Rates are as good as they’ll get for a while here, people. These interest rates are on the rise, and you don’t want to be caught stuck paying for more than you should have to for your mortgage. EVER.

So, don’t wait! Get on the phone with your home lender TODAY can help get you a great low rate set before it’s too late. Oh, by the way, that’s our third BIG reason. You need to call today so you can keep today’s low rates instead of tomorrows. It can’t be stressed enough here, my friends. These rates are predicted to go up, and fast.

Lock in Your Rate

So, maybe you are just shopping around for a new home, and you haven’t ever had to finance a mortgage. You might be thinking that you won’t need to speak with you home lender until you’ve got the perfect place in mine. Well, it’s always better to be prepared in situations like this.

Showing folks that you’re a serious home buyer means having the money to back your claim. Or, as the old saying goes, you can put your money where your mouth is. Get the good low rates now and show the market that you mean business when it comes to buying your new home.

Without trying to sound too repetitive here, these rates are predicted to go up, and fast. So, whether your have your home or are looking to purchase for the first time, you won’t want to miss the window for this financial opportunity.

Haven’t Got a Home Lender to Call?

You may not know where to start when it comes to finding the right home lender for you. And that’s okay. This could be your first time buying a home or it’s just been decades since you last had to work with a home lender.

Serving California and Colorado, Daniel Hunt is here to help! As a senior loan consultant, Dan has helped families and individuals finance their home loans for over fifteen years. As a family man and active member in his Santa Clarita community, Dan understands the importance of having your home finances on order to build the future that’s right for you and yours. And thanks to his knowledgeable and attentive services, his clients have a lot of good things to say about their experience(s).


Not located in the California or Colorado? That’s alright. Dan knows where to go. So, give him a call TODAY with any questions about what a great home lender can do for your financial future.

* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with the mortgage advisor for more information.

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